Shin chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation The Endless Seven-Day Journey


  • Set In Asso, Kumamoto

    A town surrounded by beautiful nature. Misae's childhood friend and many other interesting characters live here.

  • A Place Housing a Mysterious Legend

    It seems there exists an ancient and mysterious tale known to all of the town's people.

  • Filled with All Sorts of Interesting Characters

    The town is filled with all sorts of unique personalities. From the local shopkeep to a girl worried about love. There's even an eccentric professor and a real-life ninja descendant?!

  • A Summer Vacation Spent with Other Children

    Why do these kids look exactly the same as the ones from Kasukabe?! Well, either way, you can play together and solve problems around town. Together, you'll have the best summer vacation ever!

  • Gorgeous Japanese Scenery

    Enjoy the feeling of Japan in the height of summer. Wander beneath the wide open skies and listen to the sound of cicadas ringing through the mountains and the gentle babbling of brooks as they wind through the greenery. It's an experience that'll instantly have you nostalgic for Japanese summer.

  • Our Secret Hideout

    This town houses a secret base that only the children know about! Gather everyone to have your own Dinosaur Showdown!There's plenty of ways to have fun in Asso!