Shin chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation The Endless Seven-Day Journey

Summer Vacation

  • Morning Exercise in Asso

    Morning Exercise in Asso

    Japanese summer vacation isn't complete without morning gymnastics! Everyone in town gets together to do these morning stretches! Sit back and enjoy the show!

  • Fun Meals

    Fun Meals

    The Nohara and Hinoyama families eat all their meals together. Once seated, they say their thanks for the meal and dig in! The meals look amazing, but I guess you can't expect anything less when you're staying at a real café!

  • Explore as You Please

    Explore as You Please

    Run around, play, and explore in a wide variety of places. Since it's surrounded by nature, Asso is also home to all kinds of rare insects and fish! Catch fish and bugs, help the townspeople, and enjoy your summer holiday to the max!

  • Evening Bath

    Evening Bath

    After a day of fun and exploration, it's time to take a bath with dad! You can even see the starry sky from within the traditional tiled bathtub. Wash away the fatigue and ready yourself for the next day!

  • Picture Diary

    Picture Diary

    Record all your fun experiences in the picture diary. It's the best way to treasure your summer memories, be they the day's happenings, new things you've discovered, or the types of fish and bugs you've caught!

  • Become a News Reporter

    Become a News Reporter

    When Shinnosuke visits Cap at the News Agency, he gets appointed as a child journalist! The things he reports will be printed in the paper and pinned to the bulletin boards around town! As the newspaper pulls in more subscribers, the company will flourish! Try to hunt for the hottest scoop!

  • Catch Bugs

    Catch Bugs

    Asso's rich surroundings are filled to the brim with insects. Some of them are even quite rare, definitely not the type you'd find back in Kasukabe! Ready your bug net, aim, and SWING! All the bugs you catch will be recorded in your Insect Encyclopedia!

  • Catch Fish

    Catch Fish

    Asso's rivers and ponds are rich with fish, so you can enjoy a spot of fishing whenever you want! Ready your rod, reel it in at the right time, and you might just catch something rare! All the fish you catch will be recorded in your Fish Encyclopedia!

  • Grow Vegetables

    Grow Vegetables

    You can grow healthy veggies over at the Kurokami Farm! If you bring the vegetables you grew to the Hinoyama Café or other shops around town, you can even earn a bit of pocket money ♪

  • Help the Stores

    Help the Stores

    Hinoyama Café, the local curry restaurant, and the supermarket are always looking for more fresh ingredients. Earn pocket money by bringing them the ingredients they list on the bulletin board!

  • Dinosaur Showdown

    Dinosaur Showdown

    Befriend the other kids in Asso and you'll be able to duke it out in Dinosaur Showdown! It's a place where both powerful dinosaurs and familiar characters collide! You can collect Dino Cards by buying Chocobi from the Kirishima Store!

  • Be a DJ

    Be a DJ

    If you befriend the owner of the café and bar Dancing Jiro, you can become a DJ yourself! The tracks are composed of the game's background music! Mix them up however you like and play your tracks in the store!